Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Koyote 130731

Koyote having their concert and interview with Angella Kim from ' Entertainment Weekly'

Nail Artist in Koyote's Single Album july 2013

Fanpic with Koyote Member 130626-130728 *MUBANK-INKIGAYO-SBS R*

meet fan time koyote having interview at sbs radio (source twitter)

Music Bank 130726

Koyote on Inkigayo 130728

Monday, 29 July 2013

Shinji is awed by Kim Jong Min's ability to keep smiling even when people call him stupid

Shinji said she was amazed by Kim Jong Min's ability to keep smiling no matter what.

The Koyote members were guests on KBS 2TV's 'Crisis Escape Number 1', and Shinji said, "My broadcast image is really intense as I'm the type to say everything I want, so not many people talk in a bad way about me. But Kim Jong Min has a clumsy image. When some people are drunk and they see him, they say, 'Hey, stupid is coming!'"

She expressed her frustration by saying, "That makes me so upset, but Kim Jong Min only smiles at them and greets them. He's never even frowned at them. He always smiles. I think he's amazing for that. I asked him if it doesn't upset him, and he said, 'They like that side of me. What's there to be upset about?'"


130729 Shinji and Kim Jong Min KBS 2TV 'Crisis Escape Number One'

link sohu

torrent this episode by semi_fly


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