Monday, 30 December 2013

Kim Jong Min win Best Entertainer Award SBS 131229 Together with Park Jungyu and Kwanghee 'Star King'

can watch video here (nate video)


(NOT 100%  true translation  - i just understand fews word)

KJM :he really dont believe win tonight . star king team suffers alot and if Hodong didnt win tonight he will give award/trophy to kang hodong...

Kim Jong Min -Kang Hodong-Park Jungyu -Kwanghee 'SBS Entertainment Award 131230

i really still not believe jongmin can win award with SBS tonight.. before this i really want see kjm win award win with 1n2d... SBS THANK YOU .. TONIGHT KJM WIN BEST ENTERTAINER AWARD WITH PARK JUNGYU-KWANGHEE 'STAR KING'

VIDEO SBS ENTERTAINMENT AWARD 2013 DECEMBER 29- EXO&EXO-S(박준규,김종민,광희) '으르렁'(오프닝무대)

Koyote’s Shinji Disses Kim Jong Min Practicing EXO’s ‘Growl’ Dance

Koyote's Shinji dissed her fellow team member Kim Jong Min.

On the December 27th broadcast of KBS 2FM's "Lee So Ra's Music Square - Mo So Ra's Propose," Koyote members starred as guests on this radio show.

Kim Jong Min revealed his feelings on practicing EXO's "Growl" dance. He said, "The dance is difficult. Before I used to dance comically, so I can't follow along with this dance" and expressed the difficulty level of EXO's "Growl."

Shinji responded by saying, "I saw him practicing twice. I really couldn't bare to look at him. That isn't a dance that Kim Jong Min can pull off. I now understand how much sweat EXO spilled and how hard they worked in practicing the dance."

Lee So Ra said, "Isn't that a dance you need start practicing when your limbs are still flexible and when your bones are nimble? But to imagine that Kim Jong Min will do that kind of dance, I'm really looking forward to seeing it" and elicited laughter.

Kim Jong Min will showcase EXO's "Growl" dance on December 30th at '2013 SBS Entertainment Awards Show.'

Sunday, 29 December 2013

ENG SUBBED 2 Days and 1 Night - Season 3 : Cold Weather Training! EPISODE 02 (2013.12.29)

Kim Jong Min talks about Hye Ri's no-makeup face

Kim Jong Min talked about no-makeup face of Girl's Day's Hye Ri.

On December 28th, a party makeup expert appeared on SBS 'Star King', and gave a brief explanation about different makeup techniques.

All of the guests walked out to the stage to see the makeup. The model who was invited for a demonstration sat without wearing any makeup.

Suddenly, Kim Jong Min said, "I recently saw Hye Ri without makeup at a hair salon recently," and as MC Kang Ho Dong asked him to tell more about it, Kim Jong Min said, "I was so surprised."

Then, Hye Ri showed a largely bewildered look.

Netizens left comments, such as "I don't think she would look that different", "Her skin condition looked amazing", and "She's so cute".

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


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