Saturday, 4 March 2017

KIM JONG MIN still NO.2 brand power amongst variety entertainers for the month of March 2017

Kim Jong-min's brand was analyzed as the brand's reputation index at 903,506,
participation index - 347,720,
the media -286,506, and the communication index was 269,280. It was 74.44% lower than the brand reputation index of 3,535,329 in January.


Kim Jong-min's brand was analyzed as the brand reputation index 1,072,918
 -participation index 358,564
-media index 231,363
-communication index 192,060
-community index 290,931. overall  the brand reputation index rose 18.75% from 903,506 on February 2017 .

1st place still yoo jae suk with 1,303,552  
index rose 4.60% from 1,246,206 (feb 2017)

3rd  kim gura

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