Sunday, 9 July 2017


I eat well and I'll come back to my figure again.


koyote (shinji-jongmin on sbs radio powerfm cultwo show ...
msaybe to promoted sbs new pilot program shinji-jongmin travel to thailand
most question abt trip them there -- their feelings etc
that show made honeymoon trip concept as a representative of male and female friends in the entertainment industry who have long been friendship. shinji said No matter how the concept of honeymoon trip is, I thought I was not going to get hung up in one room.. but "When I entered the hotel room, there was a heart on the bed with flowers." they on 1 room ....
Kim Jong-min also said, "I am really appalled." Shinji said, "I filmed for 4 days and 3 nights for 3 episode ....
Shinji said, "I did not know that it was a honeymoon at first and that I was going to travel with my old friends, but when I been interviewed by them, they told me that they are honeymoon trips. Kim Jong-min said, "Then the writer suddenly asked me, 'Is Shinji (rationally) feelings?' It was ridiculous.
, "If you marry equal friends cutwo asked,
"Oh, it's hard to imagine." He said, "I'm so sorry for Shinji," and "I will never do it (marriage to Shinji)." He laughed one more time.
shinji "I feel like I have just been with my family," .
Kim Jong-min explained, "I was worried that Shinji would get hurt.Shinji explained, "I was worried about my son being hurt."
shinji more like mother ...
cultwo asked abt jongmin after win daesang .. shinji said he become more humble ..."he laugh more." "try to do better for people
. jongmin said win that award just once in his life .... "I always think that I am thankful for all of this ...
how with baekga? he busy with his new restaurant
Shinji, who was admitted to the hospital recently,
I did not spare in my body , immune system and my sugar level dropped," she said. "I think I should eat well. I do not want to get stressed," she added.
Kim Jong-min added, " he eat a lot of medicine, nowadays eat black garlic, almost eat it as a side dish."
how with new song koyote....
they got alot demo song but not with koyote style .. they still search their song for next comeback ....
 KOYOTE FAN  send food   💕💕💕





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