Monday, 25 September 2017

2nd KBS Chuseok Pilot Program for KIM JONG MIN 5 october 2017

1st show with sangmin 


on this show KIM JONGMIN  team up with  Seol Min-seok  ( History-expert = teacher history ) he already appear tv show include infity chalenge 

'1% friendship' is a program where two people of opposite  meet and spend a day together and share their daily life and build friendships. different  side  to understand each other' and getting started to  acknowledging each other's .

This show will broadcast 5 october 2017  5:50 pm

another team  Jeong Hyeong-don with Bae Chae Soo(singer -mc kbs concert 7080 + dj radio)
Ahn Junghwan with Bae Jeongnam

p/s ....
before this have released news where  CTH talked on  radio show Jongmin love watch video Minseok's lecture ....



another guy with   jongmin  .... minseok ???

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